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Microsoft 365 is increasingly indispensable in the modern digital workplace today. With Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint from the cloud, every employee can now work more productively. For example, the use of mobile devices or personal devices is something we see more and more. This innovation also entails risks. Together we will look at what suits your company and take the steps to the next (safety) level. We do this by using our proven 5 phase model.

But pleasant operation and safety do not go together...... right?
No, many entrepreneurs and security specialists focus on increasing security or productivity. However, the balance is often hard to find.

Our specialists have a lot of experience with this and know how to find a good balance between safety and productivity.

The smallest details can make the difference between a security risk or too few opportunities to be productive.
The Microsoft 365 PI Service is a security audit for the Microsoft 365 platform. In this audit we look at the desired online workloads that you want to have checked. We use our own  guidelines which have been drawn up by our specialists in the field. We therefore use a combination of field expertise, market expertise, Microsoft Best Practices and specific topics from Cybersecurity insurances. The specialists take the time to investigate and guide you through the process. After the investigation, all findings will be discussed with you and will be delivered to you in a nice report.

The PI service can also be used to continuously stay informed about the security, compliance and governance of your Microsoft 365 environment. This method makes it possible to apply a quality/security check every quarter.
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In addition to the preventive Microsoft 365 PI, we have a strategic partnership with ESET internet Security. We ensure that the Microsoft 365 environment is preventively well organized. And ESET ensures that the entire environment is monitored. ESET experts are available 365/24/7 to assist you with any questions, and to respond quickly and efficiently to all kinds of security issues. With this, we provide the ultimate combination with our leading technology and human expertise. We can respond competently to malware and other detections, we also have the ability to investigate suspicious behavior and minimize the chance of ransomware spreading. With MDR, XDR (extended detection & response) is also possible for organizations that do not have the expertise for this in-house.

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